Kamila Kanafa
Kamila KanafaLiterary Agent

The daughter of a librarian, I quickly weaned on a passion for books. My Eureka moment came when I realized that I could combine my love of books and entrepreneurial skills (I’ve got a master’s degree in economics). I knew instantly that this is something I want to do.

For many years I have worked as a Polish subagent for the biggest American and British publishing houses and literary agencies. I have negotiated the Polish deals for Dan Brown, Stephenie Meyer, John Green (and his “The Fault In Our Stars” – my beloved book) and Monster High brand (to name just a few of thousands of contracts).

“Impossible!” – there is no such word in my dictionary. I always focus on finding win-win solutions and creating a stimulating environment in which both sides (Polish publisher and foreign rights proprietor) thrive to do more business together.

My personal favorties include children’s and YA literature, popular fiction and reportage books. As an agent I accept for representation all types of books except for die-hard fantasy and sci-fi.

You can contact me at kamila@macadamialit.com

Magda Cabajewska
Magda CabajewskaLiterary Agent

When I was taking first steps at a literary agency 10 years ago, I knew I would be lost forever. I’d loved books since childhood and it turned out that the publishing world had serious plans for my future. I’ve looked at the book business from many sides, from representing authors like Stephen King, Harlan Coben or John Grisham as a Polish subagent, to working at a publishing house, and also licensing works by Julian Tuwim, one of the greatest Polish poets.

I love multi-layered novels (preferably historical ones) and reportage but I don’t restrict myself to any specific genre as I value diversity. I also devour all kinds of Warsaw-related books.

You can contact me at magda@macadamialit.com